New York City

Written by Spiros Mariatos
Category: Travel Created: Tuesday, 12 January 2016 14:39

New York the city that never sleeps!!

New York City is just huge, a myriad of districts, quarters, neighbourhoods and, most important : food cultures. It is simply impossible for one person to even remotely cover all the places to go and eat. To keep it simple I am going to present you a few of my personal favourites which can all be done in one big stroll. Starting out with a quick breakfast on 90 East 42nd Street. Pershing Square is famous for its Eggs Benedict, so I just had to check myself if the rumours were correct...and they definitely were! Staying in the area of Grand central, we walk to the market. This market offers fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and fish of really all sorts. Here you can get the freshest of things, with nothing pre cooked or pre packaged. These are the things I really appreciate most in today’s time. In the basement of the station we find the Grand Central Oyster Bar, with an immense variety of oysters and fresh seafood. The open kitchen of the restaurant brings a great atmosphere to the place. Another area I really liked, especially because of all the unique things you can find, is Chinatown. Here you can easily get lost and the broad array of shops and supermarkets with traditional foods from China, will guarantee you finding amazing ingredients for cooking. For instance: this is definitely the place to get fresh turtle for your authentic Chinese turtle soup! At the end of our walk, we stop for a quick hot dog or bagel in Chelsea Papaya on 171 West 23rd Street. It’s well known as a celebrity gathering snack bar, so it goes without saying that a big celebrity like me just had to try it out. All I can say about this one is: Thank god I’m not on a diet!!