Written by Spiros Mariatos
Category: Travel Created: Sunday, 13 September 2015 00:22

Apart from the famous whiskies and the infamous deep fried Mars bars, the beautiful capital of Scotland harvests some special hidden gems.

On this Food Travel page I will reveal them to you one-by-one. The first place we visit is for breakfast, at 64 Home Street. The Pine Tree is a Polish bakery that kneads bread every day and offers traditional Polish pastries. One of the special pastries, filled with fresh mushrooms and sauerkraut, really is a must-try! From here we walk to the Royal Mile, where at number 30 of the High Street we just have to make a stop at the Fudge Kitchen to try some traditional Scottish handmade fudge. During the undoubtedly considerable amount of time it will take you to choose between all the equally mouth watering varieties, you can even see how it’s made. The cranberry fudge is simply amazing! We continue our stroll on Royal Mile to our next stop: Oink at 82 Cannongate Street. This is my favourite spot of the city, where a freshly roasted, whole pork arrives daily and stays until pulled completely to the bone for their delicious pulled pork sandwiches. It may seem creepy, but that is easily forgotten the moment you take a bite of the classic bun with apple & sage sauce topping: to.die.for.. Finally, our trip ends at 119 High Street; the Whiski Bar. As the name suggests, over here you can find more than 300 different whiskies. This should help you digest any of the above. Should you still be hungry after all these gastronomic hotspots: a deep fried Mars bar will always be there…try before you die