Written by Spiros Mariatos
Category: Travel Created: Saturday, 20 June 2015 01:18

One of my all-time favourite food destinations is London. There are too many good spots in this city to mention them all here, so I will take you along 6 of my most memorable ones.

First, on 7 Conduit Street, there is The East India Company. This is one classy shop based on the former British colonies in India, with a great variety of sophisticated blends of teas, biscuits and chocolate. The buttered shortbread with clotted cream is an absolute must! Continuing our stroll we head for Soho to find Chocolatier Paul on 143 Warbour Street. With already 4 shops spread over the city, this refined, young and passionate chocolatier offers the most incredible chocolate combinations. Since it’s almost impossible to choose between the banoffee and bakewell truffles, do yourself a huge favour and try them both! After all this sweet we could do with something savoury. That’s why we head straight to cheese shop Neal’s Yard Dairy on 17 Shorts Gardens Street for traditional Stilton and many more. A real special place is the Tin Can on 7 Upper James Street. Exactly as the name suggests: canned delicacies from all over the world, with the best canned sardines you will ever taste. To remain in the fish theme, we go to our last stop - for now - for the best salmon & cream cheese bagel in town: Bagel Bake on 159 Brick Lane is the most famous bagel place in the city and open 24/7, so anytime can be bagel time now! It may not surprise you that this is only the tip of the gastronomic iceberg that is London, so explore, dig in and let me know!