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The Netherlands may not renowned as gastronomic destination, but there are some interesting culinary stops in Amsterdam. We left for a walk then.

The Kasskamer (Runstraat 7) is the first stop of our tasty ride. The favorite shop of the cheese lovers. Over 350 kinds of cheese you expect to choose what suits you. With special emphasis on Dutch cheese course, here you will distinguish the traditional Remeker and Gouda .Highlights: freshly prepared sandwiches with cheese of your choice. We continue our walk through the Amsterdam canals, and then we stop at number 12 of Hudenstraat we find patisserie Pompadour. One small pastry shop with a variety of sweets and chocolates. Highlights: the few tables in the pastry shop for a coffee. The national fast food street in the Netherlands is none other than fresh fried potatoes with mayonnaise. So we walk to the Vlaamse Friteshuis (Voetboogstraat 33) .The oldest potato fryer store in city. Highlights: 'pataje orloog' potatoes with peanut butter, mayonnaise and chopped onion. Next stop character of chocolates in Puccini Bomboni (Staalstraat 17) .Their showcase contains 40 tantalizing chocolate combinations. Highlights: chocolates with cranberries and with Calvados brandy. Finally our ride we reach the 'Royal' patisserie Holtkamp (Vijelstraat 15). The Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands orders from here birthday cake so she must know something. Highlights: fresh fried shrimp croquettes!!!