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Brussels, known for waffles, beers and for the chocolates.

In a short stroll to the Belgian capital there are some shops which are well known for their unique culinary identity. We start our walk from the oven '' Charlie '' -Rue Sainte-Catherine 34- .The bread here has a prominent place and made with organic flour from France. Breads and other baked goods make our choice very difficult. Highlights: The Chocolate Éclair. In the same street and just opposite you find the meeting point of the city, the fish place "Noordzee". Here after 12:00 you can’t find a place to seat because to shop is famous for their fresh fish soup. Highlights: Fresh oysters or fish soup of the day. Going to the Grand Place in Brussels at number 31 Beurre road we find the oldest baker with 185 years of operation '' Maison Dandoy ''. Highlights: the famous cookies with the favorite spice blend of Netherlands ‘speculaas’. We end our walk with the two of the best chocolate brands. On the way -Rue de la Régence- Pierre Marcolini, Highlights: seasonal chocolate combinations, and Patrick Roger -Place du grand Sablon 43-. The eccentric French chocolatier after making a huge Christmas chocolate tree (weight 4 tones) he loves creating chocolates. Highlights: Various kinds of chocolate with cocoa content specific.